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Re: USA 5 flu cases

Update:  China said to reverse decision on lockdown of Shantou.  Will now monitor instead.

(maybe they finally figured out locking down port cities might not be the best business plan...)

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Re: USA 5 flu cases

Mostly media hysteria so far........ as usual....

Statistics at this point in populations that large are "creative" .

If we were treating 5 senior adults who will die of something fairly soon, but were brought to us to get them out of the large senior population in their residential location after positive tests for this virus,  so the first day no one has died yet.  death rate very low.... 

In the second week we loose 2 ----- Death rate jumps jumps..... by the 3rd week we loose another to cardiac arrest after recovering from the virus.   And the last 2 guys lives another 5 years before death 

If we are american news media ---- "We have finally confirmed that all infected cases of x virus died".  Making it the most deadly virus on record."

Question is,  with all this connectivity it appears that fewer and fewer sources control information...... and there is less and less confirmable information to gain.  But there is constant regergitation of verbiage.  and naturaly cute meaningless charts.

We have spent trillions of dollars on instantanious information delivery and appear to have very little to say.  Outside of promoting our personal causes.   I have a friend who is a dog rescuer (actually I know 3 of these), who transport unwanted dogs from shelters where they will soon be killed for lack of love(abandoned or self driven attitude), to cities where they imagine they will be adopted.  Or where they will be shipped to states where they don't kill stray dogs.  He nearly lost his life in central Ks driving on ice to deliver stray dogs to Kansas City, thinking he was on a "dead" line ---and finding out he was on a deadline..........He will be months in recovery for his massive injuries.  He ended up laying by the railroad tracks in the snow after crawling out of his windshield with multiple broken bones---back, sternum, etc-- spent hours laying on ice in a ditch before anyone came looking.

I keep wondering about him,  I been trying to talk with him for a couple of years, to discover where his thinking went so far off the track(or road).  That he would sacrafice his life for an animal no one wants, breaking the law in many cases to deliver them from a fate that will come somewhere in short doggy years. For every dog, and every man.  When did the stray dog become more important than his neighbor, or in this case, his elderly mother who also needs him. 

How screwed up is the human brain that mixes alegience between the Biblical and Political correctness?  He will be missed in his church choir and on the golf course with his neighbors and as a handy man in Liberal Kansas.  Get Well Steve mentally as well as physically.

I have always thought we could let the pot stew and skim off the nonsense theology that is so prevalent in our education institutions these days.  But it is clear that there will be many sacraficed to our desire to believe what we are told.  There is a price to be paid for bad legislation like the endangered species act for example, that were passed for nothing more than government expansion and power over personal property rights.  It may be a substitute for lack of Biblical leading, but it is a damn poor one.  Meanwhile who carries our addicted children to a better place in an ice storm in central Kansas?

Of the two theologies Steve had alegience to,  there are conflicted messages.  One encourages a personal allegiance to a creator.  Should I say independent leading by the unseen.  The other says we should consult popular opinion and consensus and worship the creation and deny a creator.  Ever evolving human theory is the source of our direction and our chosen worship.  Worshiping human knowledge.... It all looks vain and meaningless way too often.


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Re: USA 5 flu cases

I was looking at a new channel trying to get information about the senate presentations yesterday when the crash of a helicopter in southern California happened and I sat through 2 hours of constant babble.   A constant barage of defining the information they cannot tell us, as the try to eloquently tell us what might not be true.

It is insanity, the human brain has deteriated with the leap in the technology....... Twitter became news, fake or ????, bit mostly empty babble as we watched men in official dress stand on a hillside.  

In the top of the list of things we worship is "celebrity"  -- instead of what we should worship, because it is obvious we will worship something .......... I kept running this song named "celebrity" through my head.....Brad Paisley singing and now ingrained a picture of Peyton Manning in a directors hat and a smirky smile(counting the $$).  Those commercials have become my favorite tv feature.  

This question is....... will there ever be a time when the media just has nothing to say?  How precious will that be.  It is the one sure sign that they truely believe the public is too stupid to think for itself.  They never share a moment with us, they only force feed their version of a moment.  I am running out of moments and getting real tired of sharing them.  Or should I say waisting them!

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Re: USA 5 flu cases

The Universe, The Sun, The Planets, The Earth, The Climate, and Humanity all operate in cycles.

Pandemics and epidemics have cycles.  Even the stock market operates in cycles.  It is merely a matter of recognizing those cycles and being prepared for them.

What is happening now HAS happened before.  It is a predictable cycle:  Hardships (a/k/a war and famine), parents not wanting their children to have the same hardships and overcompensating, next generations rebeling against older generations, complacency, prosperity, degeneracy, hardships (morality failures weakening society, climates get colder leading to crop failure, then invading hordes), then war and famine. 

I know people who absolutely worship their pets but who have failed in every single real live relationship.  Ever notice how they "pick the same type of person" to have their relationships with -- that's a cycle.

The human population cycles between knowledge and ignorance.  Ever notice how the countries that embrace true communism (such as China and Russia) begin to change their economic structure more towards more capitalism after 3-1/2 generations?  Is America willing to embrace socialistic-communism as its form of government for the next 3-1/2 generations?

Anyway, the only difference between today's cycles and cycles of yesteryear is that the Earth is populated by 8 billion people.  So any cyclical impacts are going to be extremely severe this time around based on sheer numbers as we race towards the crescendo of cyclical waves across all spectrums.

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CDC now checking 110 possible flu cases

In 26 States the USA. 

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Re: CDC now checking 110 possible flu cases


So I did some math re: confirmed cases already reported on...

Out of 3000 officially confirmed cases worldwide, almost ONE-THIRD are already listed as being in serious or critical condition.  And that ONE-THIRD only includes the provinces reporting on status of patients against total number of patients and does not include status of the cases OUTSIDE China nor the several Chinese provinces not yet reporting on condition status.  If all outside cases and all Chinese provinces were reporting on patient condition status, the number of serious or critical patients would probably be 60-70% of patients.

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