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Re: China needs to be our #1 ethanol customer

Problems are...


A) as thinly reported, they are contaminating large agricultural areas in their country. Very long term problem for a short term industrial gain.


B) Almost no reporting of the ongoing contamination of our country from the movement of these clouds of crap that do make it over the ocean. It is detectable and is building up in our soils, especially everywhere west of the Rocky mountains. 


How many of our direct consumed veggies come from the,west coast (California)?

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Re: China needs to be our #1 ethanol customer

Hobby I am sure you read that thread we had on China Production??

It was pointing out that acres adjustments were misquoted in the title........

Anyway, I was really taken by the two sentences that stated the loss of arable acres in high production areas ---- or at least that is what I thought I read. here it is and I bet there a story there somewhere..... 



However, reserves of continuous arable land - concentrated,
large scale land holdings - have fallen by 74 percent over that
time. The drop exceeded 90 percent in 10 provinces including
Beijing, Tianjin and Jiangsu.




like to here an explanation of that........ could be the redistribution to individuals I read about a few months back...   urbanization......... contamination.......??

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Re: China needs to be our #1 ethanol customer

Visable Smog particles seem to adhere to the environments of Salt Lake City, L A , Denver   

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