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Veteran Advisor different than us ?

I noted a little story, where the cheif negotiate made
A comment that "China's stockpiles" were causing

Went to wallyword and Sam's the other day. People
Had their buggy's and their carts full, I noted many
Vehicle tags not from the county the store was
Located....they were in town stocking up
A couple weeks ago a local grocery store had
Cheese on sale for 98 we stocked up.

China has alot of people, and for their own security
And costs, they "stock up"...much like us they
Try to do stock up when "things are on sale"

So maybe the problem is the "stock boys", who
Make a mistake (the cme bunch) and mark everything
Too low.

When the above happens, everyone stocks up with
The sale priced item, and thus no need for a while.
The person hurt (the store owners..the farmers)
Are the ones that take the hit,. Because a sale
Is usually a very small margin, or loss leader
(Loose money)....the ones that marked things
Wrong(the cme)...they got paid for working, even
If a mistake was made.

You didn't realize how "important" 98 cent cheese
Was !
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Veteran Advisor


Its the USA feds who gain the added tariff dollars......all at the expense of everyone else.  Jeez maybe they'll pay the national debt off .lol.

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