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China teasing $20B in Ag purchases

and a few other unnamed concessions, in return for no tariff increases.

That would return us to the level we were at in '17.

Winning Bigly.

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Re: Quid pro quo

This what you're talking about?

This just illustrates the weak position the administration is in.  Nobody's talking about intellectual property,  business practices, or  state-owned industries. All that's on the table here is a simple quid pro quo.   You sign an agreement not to levy certain tariffs and we'll buy a few beans.  Then, you if sign an agreement to remove some existing tariffs and we'll buy a few more.  And so on & so on.  The catch is, a signed agreement.  The Chinese don't trust trump enough to take his word for anything.  It's got to be in writing.

  The Chinese are going to buy just what they need and nothing more.

  But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.

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