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Chinese Checkers?

No.......not the board game.         With China's recent announcement of their change in corn policy,  just how sure are we that they actually have these billions of bushels of corn in storage? Is there anyone from the U.S. that has confirmed these bushels in storage? IMO, China never makes ANY annoucement for any other purpose than to get the CBOT to lower the prices of the products that they eventually want to purchase. 


Maybe we need some real Chinese checkers!   Smiley Wink


Actually, we can't play the game....our trade officials have lost their marbles.  Smiley Mad

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Re: Chinese Checkers?

RT--I for one do not believe anything out of China. They are chess players against our checker players!

Re: Chinese Checkers?

Having experienced in real time the gross misinterpretation of China's actions in the corn market 1994-6 I don't trust anything I hear although I have to suspect that trasparency is a bit better now than then- china is considerably more integrated into the world economy.


But a cautionary tale- as this site seems to be a pretty good marker for farmer attitudes. We tend to dismiss bearish news as a gambit and buy bullish news 200%.

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