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Colorado Update

This is Al Kluis from Greeley Colorado where I will be speaking at the Colorado Farm Show today and tomorrow. It is interesting seeing how brown and dry it is out here, after leaving 60 inches of snow back in Minnesota. A lot of winter wheat will be plowed under in Colorado, with the big queston what to come back with. If it is to dry to grow winter wheat can you expect much from the corn, milo, or sunflowers you would plant? I do not know . I would welcome your input. In the grain markets the corn and soybean markets appear to have started the much anticipated February break. The way the bull spreads caved in last week sure was a hint that prices were putting in a short term top. The critical support areas are at the lows made last week on the corn and soybean charts. By Thursday I will be skiing when I usually do my best day-trading buy at the bottom of the hill and sell at the top.

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Re: Colorado Update


  Nice to see one of you marketing guys out here in no mans land.(ha) I think if one does a little traveling that you will find these conditions through wstrn. Ks. all the way down into the Tx. panhandle. That's a big chunk of the HRWW area. It's going to take significant spring moisture just to be able to plant a spring crop.

  The wheat that has not emerged yet or stooled will be 15 bu. per ac. at best. That also means a lot less ground cover and more weed pressure, a tough call for guys in this conundrum.

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