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Come in tonight to find this: Trump announces $13 billion ......

I come in tonight to find this:

  Nothing like using your money to buy your vote.

  To say nothing of the fact that in order to do so, trump has to completely drain the Commodity Credit Corp bank account and shut down all the other programs that depend on it.

  I guess trump and those Farm State Republican Senators must be pretty desperate.  Not that I expect anything less of trump but I somehow naively thought all those  conservative Republican Senators might still have some conservative principles.  I guess I was wrong.

  One thing for sure, the republicans will never be able to complain about the Democrats spending, ever again.

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BA Deere
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Re: Come in tonight to find this: Trump announces $13 billion ......

Here`s what i don`t like


Meanwhile, the National Pork Producers Council said more federal aid was needed to stabilize the hog industry, including compensation for culling herds and additional direct payments “to hog farmers in crisis” because of the pandemic. Coronavirus outbreaks at packing plants reduced the market for hogs this spring. NPPC president Howard (HV) Roth, a Wisconsin hog farmer, said there should be no ceiling on aid. The limit has been $250,000 per farmer or entity and $750,000 for corporations and partnerships.


Really?  $250,000 payment limit ain`t enough and why again are corporations getting anything? 

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