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ray h.
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Comical race,the human!

     The powers that be,(the trade) i"m not talking just about cbot,i am talking about the whole ag sector.There is such a close  margine of supplys globaly for 75% of the ag products produced that some thing is going to bust one of these days! Some of the specialtys haven't even tapped their potential,others are so short that the end is comming within the next 365. I am not going to elaborate on any specific product inless some one is willing to go private. The trade will soon realize that the is an alturnative realy pressing in mthe fringes.Example,I have heard rumors already of regional $400 prices coming for hay!

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Re: Comical race,the human!

Ray, you might be right, and yes we are
Very dry, but planted a bunch of Sudan
Thinking feed needed. Also planted some
I am still trying to get rid of some of it,
And I consider myself fairly reasonable.
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