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Commodity Classic Update

At 3pm:

USDA's Vilsack Wants GMO Food Labeling To Be Mandatory.


Full story:  Vilsack Calls For Mandatory GMO Labeling




At 10:40am;


Brazil Truckers Strike


The National Transport Command, Brazil’s top truckers union, has called for a national strike to start by March 11th. The truckers want a reduction of 40 percent of the diesel price, retirement for drivers with over 25 years of work and national wage floor for the category. The date is one year after a national protest has blocked hundreds of roads throughout the country. This time around, on the other hand, the movement does not intend to block roads, but just to stop transporting cargo. A study says that about 40 percent of truckers in Brazil are indebted and 46.4 percent evaluate fuel costs as the top problem for their profession. The soybean harvest will still be ongoing by the strike in major producing states like Rio Grande do Sul and Parana, according to Luis Vieira,


Maybe a reason for the soybean rally?




So, it's the second day of the Commodity Classic in New Orleans. I had a side-trip yesterday, away from the exhibit floor, to a knick-knack store to pick up party beads for a company gathering last night. Mardi Gras-type stuff filled the walls of this warehouse. I had to explain what I do to the cab driver, during the ride. He was from India. After a few blocks, he tuned out and wanted to know how far I lived from Wyoming. So, even in a cab ride in New Orleans, farm market conversations are short ones.

Now, back to the show. I wrote these stories from the CC floor. I find it interesting that I'm at the mouth of the Mississippi and may have found the savior for the corn market. Also, conservation and planting corn were hot topics, yesterday, as we toured the exhibit floor.


Full Story: Will Ethanol Resuce Corn Market, Again?


Full StoryFarmers Get Jazzed At Commodity Classic



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Re: Commodity Classic Update

"I'm at the mouth of the Mississippi and may have found the savior for the corn market"


Wouldn't be corn mash moonshine would it?


If it is I've got 9000 bu of ngmo corn, it'll taste just like great grand dad used to make. Might want to help the rye market just a little too. 😉

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too close for comfort
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Re: Commodity Classic Update

Aren't the anti GMO people already doing a good job of labeling?

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Re: Commodity Classic Update

Just another opportunist Lawyer.......


A secretary of agriculture with no experience in Agriculture ............ perfect fit in Washington....


We will get a 50 page document  with each bowl of cereal  for a consumer who won't know what those words mean...


Then to protect the health of "the children" , we will need to seek the council of a legal professional to review our grocery purchases.


It is sad watching a civilization deteriate...

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Re: Commodity Classic Update

Where is the food I and others eat from?   That is the only question, consumers what to really know.  Sad, because U.S. consumers want to buy food from the U.S., yet big business want to bring crap from anywhere and sell it without the consumers knowledge .  Bought and paid for government, with countless farmers thinking free trade is their salvation.


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Re: Commodity Classic Update

SW -- Kind of like all those disclosures you receive when you pick up prescriptions drugs at the pharmacy -- a lot of info on what it is, the dosages, what it's for, what it does, and all the potential side effects or harmful effects.  Yet, who knows, it might actually make you better.  Just imagining the disclosures with each box of cereal, cluster of celery, carton of milk, or package of steak.  Yes, that's much more extreme than a "nutrition label", but as long as we're interested in "full disclosure" of what gets put into our bodies, it might not be all that far fetched.  Who knows what could happen to you if you chew on a stem of orchard grass while walking thru the pasture, pull an apple off the tree and just wipe it on your shirt to munch while mowing the yard, pull off a few ears of triple-stack milk-stage corn while checking your field just to grill later with some good steaks.

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