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Contraction on the snout count

Hogs & pigs report showed all hogs & pigs 98.6% of last year, all categories down and below trade est.    Lean hogs are $89.45 currently, very little cash hog trade, so all that is, is a contract suggested price  🙂    New barns were being built a couple years ago, but i see none under construction presently.   What does a new barn mean?  It could be replacing older 35 yr old barns that more than paid for themselves, not necessarily more production.  When hogs were euthanized during Covid , someone took a haircut and probably gun shy about filling barns to 110% capacity.   Recession looming and pork is a bargain, yet beef flies out of meat counters fast as it`s displayed.  The devil in the details.  

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Re: Contraction on the snout count

Get  On  The  Supply  Chain  Band  Wagon  $tunt  ,   or  is  it  '''  Too  Late  Baby '''   rendition =  OR  the  price  fixing  settlement - maybe  ?

  Million $$$  barns  setting  empty  might be  tough  to  find ,  along  with  the  need$  of  free  fertilizer  = = =

One  ?, on  the  supply  chain  note ,   where  did  those  shipping  containers  come  from  that  sent  the  butter  over  yonder  with  all  of  these ,  so  called  shipment  issues  ?  ?  ? 

Did'nt  we  just  have  the  discussion  on  these  %  +  or  - ,  declarations ???????????    

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Re: Contraction on the snout count

absolutely nothing reliable about the "news" which is getting "old".

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Re: Contraction on the snout count

lots of new snout houses here this summer.

All built where the old ones were.

They saved and reused the pit walls and floors.

Everything from the slat supports up were new. 

Most work done by non English speaking workers.


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Re: Contraction on the snout count

Wow a whole 1.4% reduction in numbers. 250 pounds times .014 is 3.5 pounds. If the average hog goes to market at 253.5 pounds instead of 250 pounds no change in pork production.