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Corn +2 Beans +6 +8, Palladium soars, dollar swoons

Corn, beans good overnite.  Palladium is at all time highs, that`s the BBs in catalytic converters.  There is a correlation between the dollar and palladium.  That`s all I got for ya, hope Magic Mike comes back soon.  Have a profitable day!

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Re: Corn +2 Beans +6 +8, Kansas slant

the kansas slant .......Southwest

beans New crop

Wichita beans basis at -50  current bid at $9.11 delaviered


Corn cash

Sw ethanol at  $3.97       (+20 basis)

Elevator ---      $3.82


Corn New crop.

Ethanol    ---- cloudy answers

Elevator -----   $4.18``````````` (+15 basis)


Grain Sorghum cash

sw--- Elevator   .................... $3.27    (-50 basis)

Ethanol .........................$3.50   (-25 basis)



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Re: Corn +2 Beans +6 +8, Kansas slant

Wow SW, "here" corn basis for new is -20 to -40   Beans  85 to $1.   Kind of getting into taking a cookie price for some.

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