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Corn Price Driving Your Fertilizer Decision?

Anna McConnell, a stellar co-worker, used a big shovel to dig out the details of the future of fertilizer prices. What she found was very interesting. The question here is whether you, as a farmer, will be swayed by the fertilizer folks claiming that you should be cautious in letting the corn market drive your decision on fertilizer buying and applying.


Full story:  Farmers Delay Fertilizer Decions, Due To Corn Market


What's driving your fertilizer decision, corn price or soil samples?




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Re: Corn Price Driving Your Fertilizer Decision?

I`m keeping my intended corn/bean rotation just like I did when corn was 8 bucks.  If you put a pencil to it, with close to $3 corn and $8 beans there isn`t really any advantage to raising corn over beans, the inputs make it so you are just "trading dollars" at these lower grain prices.  The symbiotic advantage of a corn/bean rotation may be the only profit that you`ll get.  Like the 50lbs nitrogen credit from last years bean crop and (I know I shouldn`t say this 🙂  ) but beans are better fertilizer scavengers.  So, after corn it`s a no brainer in most cases to plant beans with no fertilizer. 

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Re: Corn Price Driving Your Fertilizer Decision?

Eagle eye. Your girl there did a good story.

I guess the feeling I got from it was "walk a mile
In my boots"
I found it most interesting how the fertilizer industry
Was perplexed over farmer we have
Ample supplies, and how prices have come down
A little..they just can't figure it out

Maybe they should view it from the other side of the fence for a while ???

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Re: Corn Price Driving Your Fertilizer Decision?

If we wait too long to tell them what we want the price will go up because they won't have it available.  In other words, there is no way they are going to take a chance but we should.