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Corn & Fridays

I am for once, anxious to see the friday trade.


I like to look at the charts and read the issues, get a feel for what you think.   I know it is just too simple but weekends are always the "comfort" test for me.  Trend confirmation, so to speak.  A rally is a confirmed trend by what position the markets are willing to live with over the weekend.  Always rattles me when the trade talks bullish all week then dumps positions going into the weekend.  Or bearish for 4 days down and gives us a friday up.


Kind of like viewing a man's character by what he does 400 miles from his family.


Hard to get our trucks moving when it is ice and 5* outside. --------- but we had a good week in the grains, lets see how it acts for the weekend.

Exports, as predicted, are defining the market and screaming for more bean acres.  I don't think corn went down far enough to get the job done.  

At the risk of sitting in "perma bull" confinement on bread and water,  There are indications of some pretty good marketing opportunities going into Spring for corn, beans, and even wheat.  Maybe even a greater than 50% chance that volatility is not totally dead for corn.  Beans are nearly guaranteed to see stress marks by fall.  And wheat will have to figure out how to get to the port or out bid oil for rail space.  If it doesn't it will not have bin space up north.  It has to be delivered to flood the market.  Logistics.------------could be the story of the year it the "wall" of beans in Brazil and the wall of wheat in Canada sit for a few months while US exports just keep doing their thing.

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Re: Corn & Fridays

Yup. Corn is growing more bullish technically and fundamentally for sure. May be a rally coming to keep acres from beans... By beans need acres!

Corn spreads are starting to invert... Some might say oats knows where corn is going.

Wouldn't it be nuts to see '13 corn go crazy in July of '14? It' would of only took a year and a month for I to do it. It probably won't get that crazy
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Re: Corn & Fridays

Yes, it would be crazy.   It would also make many market advisers look really, really bad.    🙂

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Re: Corn & Fridays

if srw - March can close tomorrow above $5.80 = a strong weekly reversal..........if it can't, doesn't mean a non-reversal, simply that it's not AS urgent.


so it's kinda like we're tryin' to avoid that Carpenter's song "rainy days (or snowy days it should be) and Monday's always get me down"Smiley Sad