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BA Deere
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Corn & beans up 6 & 9!

They rally anymore and I`ll tell my day job boss to "shove it!" Smiley Very Happy  no, probably not.  The stock market likes what it hears at the convention.   Natty gas is rallying, don`t they know we`ll have 15% corn coming out of the field?   We have 18.6% stocks/use on corn, you know, that`s not horribly "burdensome".  Brazil is looking at a La Nina for their growing season, China doesn`t do much better than me at storing corn, spoiled corn is some kind of usage" right?

Have a profitable day.

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Re: Corn & beans up 6 & 9!

In the southwest Kansas the price of natural gas going into the pipeline has been very very anemic while the price coming out of the pipeline is still very healthy and robust hum where else have we seen spreads like that 

Pardon the grammar please talk to text does not do very well with punctuation

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BA Deere
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Re: Corn & beans up 6 & 9!

The other site they`re bragging about the cheap 28% offers, hope other input suppliers follow suit.  The Gulf hurricanes put couple bucks on oil?   $40 oil has to be like $2 corn.


Re: Corn & beans up 6 & 9!

Having worked in the oil patch as well, I'd say $40 oil is like $3 corn:  Not good enough to make you happy, not bad enough to make you quit.