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Corn, beans up dollar lower

And oats knows, up 15.

I caution though, "the witches of November" have red skies for 2021.  Doomberg is calling for farm profitability concerns going into the new year.  Might want to lock in some cookies on new crop.  Go half APH and hope it will turn out your worse new crop sale?

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And this morning down we go

I think the markets need one of those Covid shots in the arm Smiley Very Happy   When soybean meal stalled out yesterday, that was the canary coughing a little.  All these shutdowns, hoarding bathroom tissue again, shutting down restaurants as the Holidays approach, no Uncle Sugar bailout money as we`re as far from an election as you can get, one can see no one wants their dollar to be the one that pushes the Dow over 30,000.

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