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Corn demand

So...........if you believe some of the latest numbers..........U.S. corn carryover is at 2.3 billion bushels.  New crop is estimated by the PFT at 13.9 billion bushels.  And the current usage number is at 14.6 billion bushels.  This brings next year's carryout number to somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.6 billion bushels.    Of course there is always that South American supply, but at these "on sale" prices for corn, demand might just be a little higher.  Also, many believe the predicted 2017 crop is lower than 13.9......Let's say we add 300 million to demand and take away 300 million from production and presto/chango we are down to a 1 billion carryout number.        Just something to think about.

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Re: Corn demand

Tiger -   ''''  E '''' grind demand should hold steady to + , with the unleaded futures rise this morning ---


Just think, the unfortunate event in Texas is the place the oil pipeline would be for the tar sands refinery - brilliant ?