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Corn harvest

Well guys the blast furnace yesterday really finished off things.  I saw one field start out at 50% Green stalks and by the end of the day it was nearly all white.  Alot of corn droped it's ears yesterday.  I was talking to dad and he said alot of this corn will be ready to shell in 7=10 days. 

Well what happens if half the corn crop in Iowa is out before bean harvest begins?  HOw wide can the basis get?  

What will storage be worth?  (cause I got 25,00 bushels of dry storage I won't use this year. I know what a way to advertiseSmiley Very Happy).

I had to wait to finish round baling some hay till 7 o'clock last night so the leaves would stay on it. I baled until about 9 but coul have kept going for a while if ther had benn more to do. JR

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Re: Corn harvest

 A lot of corn will be harvested before Labor Day in this area.  Some elevators are offering half price drying to get decent corn across the scales.  Some early varieties are testing in the teens.  The lack of moisture over the last month has accelerated the finish.  Contact your elevator if you have extra storage.  The might be willing to store decent corn until they get the junk corn blended out.  Elevators took too much damaged corn and now they might get caught not having enough storage for this year's crop. 

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