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Corn in your portfolio?

In a new story I just read, an international investment manager says demand for corn, soybeans and sugar will continue to be driven by imports from emerging markets.  The guy points out that year-end corn inventories fell by 16% from the previous year, which I guess we knew, and he thinks Chinese imports of corn will rise from 1.5 million metric tons to over 10 million tons in the next three years. He added that corn inventory draw down would definitely be seen in the corn markets over the next 12 months.


Does this sound like a bullish deal long-term or what?


Oh, the story says too, that this asset management company has a portfolio that's made up of 6% agriculture. I don't know if that's a big perecentage for a company like that.


Kind of an interesting piece, anyway: click here.


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Re: Corn in your portfolio?

Sounds like  BEARIAH DEAL TO ME.


It is 2011, corn was8, now some guy sees export to new economies?


Thus us 5 yr old news.


Price, what does it reflect?

At these prices,, short corn need to be in a portfolio

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