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Corn is done

Before Kenny puts it out there
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Re: Is that the ....

"Corn is done", is that the sweet corn on the grill, the run up in corn futures or the end of corn planting in the Midwest?

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Re: Is that the ....

Who has sweet corn already??


Here in SE SD (Not that it matters much) we've had another 2+ inches over the last 3 nites.  I had one field that was down to 3 puddles, now there's only one!!


I got half my corn in over two 2-day planting windows since early May, and to do that I had to hire the elevator to spread fertilizer ahead of me and spray behind me - things I usually do for myself. Zero chance I will get any more corn in - turns out 60% x 75% x $4.00 * my APH is better than risking mudding in any corn this late. 


I will see what beans I can get in before the end of June. Would like to have something to put in the bin for someday.

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Re: Corn is done

I was gonna say my corn is done ,meaning planted,up,sprayed,and fertilized, but we got rained out today with about 50 acres left to sidedress. The hail was not kind to it, and knocked out a circle of beans that had just emerged. Looks like replant on the beans.  Was hoping to start milo today but that’s not gonna happen