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Corn mkt, maybe Beans, too

lets do an exercise empirical math problem....and ONLY consider 2 states- MN, IA, which in a normal year account for about 3.5b in production.


if there is 18%, 15%, respectively, left to plant-------might be 2nd week in Jun before many areas will be fit for field work again.


sounds like observations are that A LOT --whether 30-50% or higher--of emerged corn is yellow and tough, instead of green and tender........BIGGEST QUESTION/CONCERN I BELIEVE ---how much of that will need re-planting or not, in the 2nd week of Jun. I posed this concern in an earlier post about waterlogged corn being suffocated.......we'll see?


the empirical math problem might be kinda large---50-60% of 3.5 bil????


wrap YOUR mind around this----------what do y'all think?


planting graph from floor talk:

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 11.34.53 AM (2).png 





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Re: Corn mkt, maybe Beans, too

I doubt we will see replanted this late if thy survive. What's likely to happen: stunted root growth due water logging, and n loss. Stunted roots mean failure in July heat. Guys hate making the second n pass and many don't budget it. Vigor will be reduced until dryness happens.

It's real cold here: beans planted almost 2 weeks ago are not up. My corn is..

No disease on the wheat.. Looks to be growing good in this.
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