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Corn production wont fill demand

60 Million tons of corn production has disappeared in the last month, but the CBOT is all concerned that exports are down a couple million. We only export about 20% of our crop that’s about equal to the present lost in this year’s production. Therefore, Trump knock yourself out a trade war isn’t going to make squat difference in final carryout numbers. Supply already won’t fill demand without any exports.

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Re: Corn production wont fill demand

Smiley Very Happy   If we`re going to have a "trade war" gotta admit this supply disruption was good timing.  Sure China put 1,000% or 10,000% tariff on our beans, we ain`t got any to sell ya anyway  ....go pound sand!  

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Re: Corn production wont fill demand

Corn going in round the clock 'Here' North Central Wi.    Big dairy area.....will go for silage corn

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