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Just have to wonder what it will take to get the corn market to rally?   It seems with the drought conditions, the derecho, and most of all, China making large purchases of corn would be plenty to get a substantial rally.  China hasn't purchased much, if any corn from the U.S. in many years.   

The complacency of the marketplace astounds me.   

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Re: Corn

Phone just needed

Eplant biding $3.30 Dec...   "limited time only"

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Re:What will it take? Ha......

What will it take to get the corn market to rally? Ha, easy, a different president.

No, seriously, when the combines roll and the corn ain't there.  They're already cutting corn silage here, two weeks early, before it gets too dry to make bunk silage.  Last year they had to wait for it to mature and dry down a bit and they still ended up pulling the silage trucks through the fields with their biggest tractors.  (you can only imagine the compaction), this they are going to short silage.

No, seriously, markets traditionally go into a slump before the election.  The traders want to wait and see what the new environment will be. It doesn't matter to them who wins so much as who will be the ,market winners and losers.

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Re: Re:What will it take? Ha......

Who did win that democratic vote in Iowa?

“in China we trust” or is it mao or Stalin or maybe antifa we trust.  Or. Was it covid we trust   Or maybe pedifiles we trust... or the holy wiji board.  Or do we trust the biggest lie told.  

We tried it all but depending on election fraud or the ignorant voter seems like a stretch after shutting school down for a few months. Think how many voters have forgotten their indoctrination.

seriously.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Re:What will it take? Ha......

I agree with SW363565, we need to follow QANON and go shoot up some more pizza parlors. We've been following the biggest liar for 42 months now and I know my wallet is bursting with $'s, I NEED 4 (or 8, 12... more years of this regime- what the heck- his BFF Putin is large and in charge for life and our reality show in chief deserves the same). 

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Re: Re:What will it take? Ha......

You think China will be as compelled to fulfill their phase I commitment if BIDEN is president?  Then you probably think Biden has the backbone to stand up to the oil lobby and rescind the ethanol waivers... Obviously I disagree with Trump on that score, but he did OK E15 where Bammie/Biden did not. We need a full court press to work towards E30, which I use in my 2015 and 2013 vehicles all the time. I have written my Senators on this - have you?

It's simple - commodity prices will rally when the economy is opened up and people are driving again, and when China is buying pork, beans, and corn as much because they need them as to fulfill their commitment.  And a 5 point ratings drop in one week won't hurt either.

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Re: Re:What will it take? Ha......

Donald Trump takes a cue; says China will own US if 'sleepy Joe ...

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