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Corporate restructuring as well as the floor a few steps away?

<p> Recently, according to industry insider, marked 23 years since its establishment Zhuo furniture has declared bankruptcy, and the reason is that companies channel management decision-making errors. For floor businesses, inevitably has a kind of feeling Tusihubei. Unprecedented fierce competition in the industry, once the decision-making mistakes, you can always fall along the way, even if only a few steps away from success.</p>
<p> Zhuo standard furniture as well as corporate restructuring bankruptcy floor a few steps away?</p>
<p> Standard Zhuo be worn down loss-operated stores</p>
<p> May 3, a standard issued by Cho Yang Wenjie, chairman Mail screenshot circle of friends in the furniture industry scraper. It shows that the reason for the bankruptcy Zhuo standard self-store business decisions, from 2010 onwards, marked expansion Zhuo operated stores, more than 40 directly managed stores have been developed by a loss so far.<a href="">What material is plastic wood ?</a>
<p> The pieces of mail that "by constantly borrowing to maintain their operations, resulting in too much debt the company is headquartered, has been insolvent, cash flow terminal. Although I have been trying to introduce new investors, but ...... the company's debt has made investors not dare to enter. "</p>
Furniture companies in the channel and more to join the main dealers, and in fact, in recent years, is regarded as self-employed independent shop home channel change is a major trend.</p>
<p> The proposed IPO companies disclosed information from market boom last year, the traditional reseller channel part of the furniture enterprises to build gradually mature, more emphasis on self-channel force. Qu Mei, Gu, Asia vibration and so on in seeking more self-independent shop in transition, many flooring companies also have intended to move in this regard.<a href="">What is WPC ? What are the advantages of WPC</a>
<p> And the standard Zhuo loss for bankruptcy due operated stores, then this part of the enterprise to mention a reminder. As an enterprise, we should advance with the times, timely adjust its strategy according to their own development. For example, for cognitive operated stores, the flooring business should be aware, though operated stores more conducive to brand development, easy to control the marketing and sale price, but the development of outlets there are some drawbacks, companies need to invest in human resources, material and financial resources more, it is able to prop up this system, flooring enterprises must be measured.</p>
<p> Floor manufacturing enterprises face crisis</p>
<p> According to Yang Wenjie message display, standard Zhuo declared bankrupt, but also from the economic downturn of the economy, human resource costs, and problems of traditional manufacturing enterprises profit model.</p>
<p> "This two-year downturn in the economic environment of recession! The traditional manufacturing enterprise human resource costs continue to increase, leading to widespread business entity is very difficult! Investors are not optimistic about the profit model of traditional manufacturing enterprises, continue existing models in business ...... difficult to have a substantive breakthrough! "</p>
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Re: Corporate restructuring as well as the floor a few steps away?

Mistakes in management very often lead to the demise of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly analyze the work of your subordinates. There are a lot of independent companies that will help you analyze the financial situation of your company. Moreover, at the end of the report, you will receive recommendations on avoiding bankruptcy. It strikes me that the furniture company went bankrupt. People buy a considerable amount of furniture every year. Last summer I also bought some high-quality gardenfurniture. Next summer I am thinking of updating my kitchen furniture.

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