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Correction: USDA Speaks About Feb Report


As of  Monday, the USDA WILL be factoring in phase one of the U.S., China trade deal in its February Supply/Demand Report, tomorrow.

"USDA’s commodity forecasts do consider trade actions or agreements that are in place as of the time the reports are published, the agency said in a white paper released last Thursday.

So while the broad goals of the deal will be considered, the specific details are not available, USDA Chief Economist Robert Johansson told Reuters in an interview."



It was first reported, last week,  that the USDA would not factor in phase one of the U.S., China trade deal  into the upcoming February Supply/Demand Report, according to a report by the Financial Post.



What say you?



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Re:"A number of ways....", just another way of saying, "it ain't going to happen".

"Not going to factor it in because ..... a number of ways ....", is just another way of saying, "it ain't going to happen anyhow."

  Right at the moment, buying soybeans is the least of China's worries.


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I read about China stiffing Brazil and Uruguay on purchases of beef.

I read about China stiffing American farmers in order to control U.S. elections.

Now I read about China taking an AMERICAN company's (Gilead Sciences Inc.) experimental drug -- a drug that was intended for Ebola -- after several legal roads were paved for China to trial the untested drug on the novel WUHAN VIRUS...

...and THEN CHINA FILING THEIR OWN PATENT FOR USE ON THAT SAME EXPERIMENTAL DRUG -- A DRUG THEY DID NOT CREATE -- in essence cutting out the company who created it from being able to sell it in China for use on the coronavirus.

"China is capable of manufacturing chloroquine and now wants access to remdesivir."

"The Wuhan institute said in its statement that it made the patent application out of national interest, and won’t exercise its patent rights if foreign pharmaceutical firms work together with China to curb the contagion.""

...just more blackmail.

Why the heck anyone would still want to do business with China is beyond my comprehension.

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1493   -  So  much  for  C O O L  on  yet  another  front  - - - 

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It`s beyond me too, Freedom1493, for the past year and a half we`ve been listening to those siding with China over our US President on trade.  Who knows what goes on in a liberal`s head?  China needs a "mark" in the global poker game and now countries that have in the past shouldered the world`s burden are becoming populist and taking the training wheels off.

But a year and half of crying tears because we`re finally standing up for ourselves...losing out on $10 billion in soybean trade in an economy where we ran $400 billion trade deficits wasn`t worth pulling out a hair in our nose to muster up a tear.  Straighten the damned mess out with tariffs as our forebears had the wisdom to to and use that revenue windfall to cut checks to make right with soybean farmers as we`ve done.

China`s like the high flying businessman in town running up tabs to his suppliers.  At first everyone scrambles to get that Bigshot`s business but quickly learn the emperor has no clothes, Brazil & Uruguay are getting that education.  China`s ponzi scheme was based on there being a "mark country" the US to buy many times more from them than what we sell to  them,  they`d throw a small bone to US soybean farmers.  

I think China will honor their ag commodity commitments, because they about have to.  President Xi presides over a sick country, for him to stay "president for life" he can`t politically also rule a country that also starves.

Even Trump hater David Kruse sees it this way.


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Keeping  in  mind  our  2019  trade  deficit  was   $616.8 Billion,    down  $10. 9   Billion  from  2018  -  -  -

Those  figures  are  a  lessor  burden  at the  expense  of  what,  beans   -   ?

SO  in  the  next  25  years  of  trade  reduction @  $10  billion  /  year,  we  find  ourselves  at  $366  - ? 

Ross  Perot  would  be  proud  - - -



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K-289, you can`t walk 100 yards into the Pacific and the water is waist deep and conclude that you`d be able to walk across the entire ocean.  That`s what you`re doing when to take the one year "snap shot" of 2018.   Businesses were importing more to get ahead of the forthcoming tariffs which distorted the trade balance that year.  If the US putting tariffs on increased the trade deficit over the long term, why wouldn`t the Chinese say "sure put more tariffs on us!  We love your tariffs!" .  Conventional wisdom said China would wait to do anything on trade in hopes that a limp wristed Democrat would be the next US president.  But instead they came to the table this January and signed Phase One, I was surprised...the pressure must was getting to them, then now Coronavirus they no longer have any leverage real or imagined. 

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Re: USDA Speaks About Feb Report

The usda has lied in every report so far so why stop now.

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Re: USDA Speaks About Feb Report

1- I  see   we  (the US )  is  importing  coal  ash ,  wow  -   -   -

2 - SO   ,  IF   the  reports have  any  merit,  including  USDA ,  why  would  the  2012- 2013  yield  reports ,  be  acceptable -  ? 

3 - OR  are  yield  reports  only  acceptable,  if  your  brand  hits  the  winning  yield  number ,  and  of  course  your  competition fails  ,  miserably , -  -  - 

4 - Leaves  US  asking  what  $$$ value is  placed  on  a  ton  of  coal  ash  &  if  there  is  a  tar-riff  levie$  involved - ?  

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Re: Is all coal ash equal? No, there is ...

Is all coal ash equal?  No, there is fresh coal ash vs . old weathered ash, maybe fresh ash is required for concrete?  Then there is fly ash vs bottom ash?  There could be lots of reasons fresh coal ash shipped in shipping containers is shipped in when lots old ash remains landfilled.

   On the other hand, why would anyone want concrete products made with materials high in lead and mercury just to save a few bucks on cement, anyhow?