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I am no cottonwatcher but it is very expensive so I wonder if cotton will win acres in the coming spring??

In wich states is that scenario most likely???

Not the springwheat-states I belive???

If beans are 15 usd and corn 7 usd ....where must cotton be to compete.....roughly talked????

just a q 

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Re: Cottonacres

I believe from what I've been reading...that there may be a lot of wheat acres in Texas..that didn't fare so well over the winter. These would be acres that have a possibility of being shifted to cotton. I'm not so sure about soybean acres in the Delta....with those kinds of price scenarios that you mentioned..there is plenty of income from soybeans. Oklahoma has some poor wheat too, but I'm not sure cotton is grown that far north.

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Re: Cottonacres

About 85,000 bales of cotton will be harvested in Kansas this year and unless western Kansas gets some decent rain soon, there will more than likely be some wheat fields torn up and planted to summer crops.

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Re: Cottonacres

More dryland acres in the Southeast will come in. The Midsouth an South Delta will increase a little but with corn an bean prices where they are and the cost of pickers vs the fact so many have new combines I won't increase a lot. Texas will be big though. Was at a meeting today and the market is saying the US needs to produce 22 million bales, that prol won't happen.
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