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Re: Crop Pictures for Marketeye

@ECIN wrote:

Thats what I have heard all season Ron - Hope you catch a shower - you should - Rush County fair starts soon - lol

Yeah, it rains there. Pork chops still taste good though.

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Re: I don't suppose I'll get much sympathy

BUt we laid a bunch of sod late last fall. WE watered it a couple of times last fall and a couple of times early this spring. Since we have had nearly two ft of free sprinkles and they are predicting 8 inches and flood warnings for tulsa tonight. The question is whether all the rain is limiting root development and it is preparing it for a dryer season.


Anyway I'm reminded of those that were worried about a dry dry season threatening a short crop. I guess it didn't take that long to change our outlook on that. A nice 4 inch rain sure change the weather outlook. The will it rain question can soon change to when will it stop.  About pollenating time eh?

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Re: Crop Pictures for Marketeye

Drone Corn.JPG

This cornfield photo, taken by a drone, is in Missouri. It was sent to us, today. The photo below is of the same field, at field level. It makes me think of the ole saying of "From the road, things look good". Well, this is not a windsheild tour is it? Some analysts say it's still a weather market. What do you think?


Same Drone Corn.JPG