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Crop condition rating and yields

...well on beans anyway.  Caught Missy Bauer talking about beans and the big tall beans (like I raise) yielding less.  Well, you want the nodes close together to get maximum pods and beans in those pods for maximum yields.  So, driving by and seeing that chest high dark green bean field, doesn`t mean that it`ll yield anymore than a crappy looking bean field that would be rated "fair condition". 




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Re: Crop condition rating and yields

Yeah,I have wondered about that in the more favored areas, if beans were a little leggy. But with continued good moisture that usually means a 55 bpa disappointment on stuff that looks like 65.


Generally not a big problem in the ECB as the vegetative stunting prevented that. The extra pods that may come on the tops of the later varieties after these rains don't hurt a thing.



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Re: Crop condition rating and yields

I'll stand by my keep it simple stupid rule of thumb on beans.


If none of the major limiters are commonplace (untreated aphids, SDS, White Mold etc) and you're mowing once a week in the middle of August, beans will be good.


The only disappointment is if you set your expectations way too high.

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Re: Crop condition rating and yields

Nox - If I can ask - where in the ECB do you live ?  My pretties beans I ever raised only made 48 - chest high - NK 3900 beans - never planted them dam thins again -what a nightmare to cut - they finnaly layed down and had to cut them across the way I would normally cut them - lol  


One of the wose field I ever raised - right on Busy 500 E  - ugly ! I say ugly field !  couldn't hide a rabbit in them made 68 -


A lot of growth in beans around here - the ones I looked at , the pods are far apart - they will be good beans - if they make it threw this flood coming - 


Most of mine - well all of them were planted after May 20th and there taller than some that I would plant the first of May - but there are all early beans - 3.0's   but do have a late season at 3.4 's - just have beter luck with ealy vs a full season bean - yield wise , year in year out .


Some of the best beans I have ever cut - yield wise were dicamba damaged beans - they has  pods on top of pods on top of pods - held them back from using all the energy on growth and used it for pods = beans .


Tall , raggy beans are never the top yielders - sorry  BA - lol -- jking with ya .



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Re: Crop condition rating and yields

Best beans are usually belt high at harvest. Any taller and its a waste.

Have some this year that are almost neck tall in low spots. Probably be the worst spot in the field.

Have a couple of bottom farms that don't get beans any more. They get tall and rank and make 42 while my knee biter hill beans run in the 50's and 60's. However when it comes to corn it can roll 300 on the monitor even though it's pushing 10th year COC.
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Re: Beans don't like wet feet

However they are a forgiving crop in that they will wait and benefit from the august rains. Therefore if you can delay the frost you just might get a decent crop.


And soy type in another factor. Nicolette soils will produce more than the heavier clarion and webster soils Nicolette soil is not as tight and will drian better than the heavier soils. Drainage tile will help greatly if you have an adequate outlet.

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