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Crop is poor

but coming on earlier. Remember that 90 day corn coming on in august? Well it's august and it is coming on only its 100 to 105 day corn.


Thus there is not the preharvest tightening of sup[plies that everyone anticipated. In fact even the short crop at harvest may not produce the bullish swing as thought. They know that the demand will not be immediate because there will be enough of early contracted corn available. What, you think $7 to $8 corn didn't find some willing sellers? And $15 beans as well?


I'm beginning to think the superbull charge of 2012 is over inflated expectations. We have the bullish news and the expectations. Where are the specs that are supposed to be jumping on board with both feet?  It must mean that they are not excited by the bullish opportunity. Could it mean that the markets could break the other way?

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LMAO............then tell me why

even with some RED this can still spot corn with an $8...........and this is in an area harvested is firing up right now...............


give it up man............

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Re: Crop is poor--where re the specs?

Kraft- you ask where are the speculators?  Whos else bids corn to 8.25 and beans to 17?


Do we forget these are record high, wilding prices?

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Re: LMAO............then tell me why

You might consider that we don't all share your basis levels. You folks had some of us beleiving that a decline in the usda production numbers was going to produce an explosive bullish situation. Ironically, the market took it in stride and is baking off the highs.

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Re: Crop is poor

Lol....a run from 5 to 3 months.......not explosive at all.......and if this crop gets below 10B we are into another ball game.....

I wanna know what you dabble in......cause if returns like those in 3 months don't impress o man am I doing something wrong.....
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