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Crop of the future...

I just hate "teaser" articles.  Its just like

A good looking girl showing a little leg,

And the fellows all get overheated, and

Bang, the leg disappear, and its just

Like forcing the transmission into

Reverse when you are going forward.

It can really tear up a fellows systems !!


So here are some links to look at.

For fun, on the CTX website look at

How much the cost is to offset some



Maybe I should start a business being an



Enjoy !!



https://modern marque station/


((Hope links work !!))


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Re: Crop of the future...

Yeah, I remember about 10? years ago filling out a bunch of papers in order to sell "carbon credits".    It would have been about $2/acre /yr. in my case.  Wouldn't you know, I got the paperwork done and submitted, and BAM, Just like that the carbon credit market went in the crapper.  Oh, well, I think I still have a copy of it all.  Not that it will work, I'm sure it's all needing a new format now.  What fun.  

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Re: Crop of the future...

Your right. I did the same, but didn't remember
The time frame, but the amount sounds about right.
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