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Crop ratings?

Does anyone think that this last set of crop ratings may be the high water mark for the season?   (No pun intended)

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Re: Crop ratings?

I would think so but then who knows. I have a feeling even if the report at the end of the month comes in bullish that we only rally to within the range that we have been stuck in. Seems as if the powers that be do not want corn especially to get out of control.
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Re: Crop ratings?

Yes, I think it is the high, but I agree with bkadds.  I wont matter.

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Re: Crop ratings?

Why are we trying to predict what usda will say.   That should be on the forum page......... 🙂



This is marketing.......


The high water mark was somewhere in March....... If we can ignore all the planting delays we can ignore the drown outs and PP acres.....  

The turn will come when the barges bring corn & beans back up from the gulf again.... like it did in 2012.....  Usda has an answer for everything else....