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Crude and corn update

A lot of the farmers I work with are reporting that it will take about $40 to $50 more for per acre for the corn fertilizer in 2012 than it cost last year. In September of 2010 when we bought the 2011 fertilizer Dec 11 corn was at $4.40 - so it will take about the same number of bushels to buy the corn for the 2012 crop.  I look for March corn to challenge $7.00 - unless the crude oil market moves sharply lower. The $90 level on nearby crude is now critical support.  With the inventory of flights cancelled yesterday refiners will be able to make a lot more heating oil and diesel with the inventory that would usually have went to the airlines. Getting ready for the next heat wave - could be above 32 degrees for the first time in 2011 by Saturday.

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p-oed Farmer
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Re: Crude and corn update

Wow....Heat Wave....... Break out the sun tan lotion and keep a eye out for thong backs.......:~)...... p-oed

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Re: Crude and corn update

It's good to get some "free stuff'' po-ed ! ! ! Even if just info !!Smiley Happy 

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