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Crypto-Related Businesses that make you earn billions of dollars

Cryptocurrencies have started to become future digital transaction currencies. Many top companies have already announced that they are accepting cryptocurrencies for transactions. The growing rate of crypto in many fields is unbelievable which makes fiat currencies obsolete within 4 to 6 years. These changes are already predicted by many entrepreneurs who have entered into businesses regarding cryptos and earned billions of dollars. As an entrepreneur, you should know major businesses related to cryptos that make a way to earn a hefty amount of profit. Some of the businesses are,

  • Crypto Exchange Business
  • NFT Marketplace Business
  • NFT Gaming 
  • Crypto Payment Gateway Business 
  • Metaverse Business
  • Token Creation and etc.

These are just a few examples of crypto-related businesses that make a way to earn more profits in the upcoming years. So, starting these kinds of businesses quickly will be a perfect decision that you can take as an entrepreneur.

How to Start a Crypto-Related Business

Starting a crypto-related business is a walk in the park when you follow the “ABM” formula. I highly recommend this formula for your business. “ABM” means

  • A- Analyzing
  • B- Build a Platform
  • M- Marketing


When it comes to analyzing, you need to analyze the market and select the niche. After selecting the niche you need to analyze the competitors that helps you to launch your business in a unique manner and will attract your niche user.

Build your platform

After selecting the niche you need to build a platform for your business. You can build it from scratch which costs between 100k dollars to 130k dollars and it can take around 1 to 1.5 years to complete. But I will suggest you go with the clone script because it will only cost around 9k dollars and can complete within 10 days. You can get all the functionality that is available in a famous crypto-related platform and it can be fully customized based on the business requirements. You can get a clone script from an exchange script provider in the market.


After you create a platform you need to hire a small team for marketing to boost your platform and use good market technic to reach your potential users. Once you have built the credibility and userbase of your platform then it constantly provides you with passive income.

When you use this formula it is easy to Start a successful crypto-related business in a short time. As a business consultant in Web3.0, a common question asked me is where to get the clone script.

Where to get a Clone script

As I said above, you can get a clone script from script providers that are available in the market, you need to choose the best provider in the market. When you are selecting the provider check their customer reviews, the technology they use, years of experience, etc. After discussing with many crypto-related business people I found CoinsQueens, the leading clone script provider for all crypto-related businesses. One of the good things I found is that they give free demos. Contact their blockchain experts through a >>Whatsapp or Telegram << to get a quick free demo or get a free demo of the Crypto exchange script from their website. Beyond this, there are plenty of businesses revolving around Web 3.0 if you are curious to know more about Web 3.0 or planning to start a business in it, you can follow this page on Medium for more updates >> @alicelunacrypto

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