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Senior Advisor

Re: Cut the BS!!! Wheat tour should be topic othe week???

I am surprised if it will even yeild as much
As they say.

They really did a disservice when they put
The provision "if it rains".....they never
Said how much and when. Therefore
Whenever the radar turns green it will be thought its made, and far from the truth.

This report should have raised the price
at least $1 (get your abacus out and factor
In the yeild, carryover, use and export, plus world production)

I am so tired of hearing the twists that go
On about "free market" "supply and demand"
And lastly, what a Dingbats at the "grain cooperative" says ",the market is always
I feel like boxing their ears and do a free nose job

But....figure, buying a single elevator, then
a multi elevator company, a local, multi location fuel company, and building a new
Concrete elevator at two locations....
All with ongoing drought, and two years
Ago they only took in half the grain they
Thought.....and this year don't look good.

Something is wrong

Just like everywhere.