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DNR order

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I think marketing might as well be given a DNR order  (do not resuscitate) order.

Beans going down down down

Corn.....gets good news, and can only meak out 7 cents

wheat.........signs show new crop not good.......


think we'll have to dedicate a song for the market sections...........



then add on the newest president order........on will be a min of 90 days before anything......and the talk is not good.


guess we'll all have to decided the best 80 to sell.



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Re: DNR order

So, will you land be available to bid on for rent? 


That is the cycle of farm life...way back to the time of the homesteaders.  Doesn't work out for one, the next guy is ready for a chance to take over the land.   Called business.   Though snowflakes probably don't understand freedom to farm, freedom to fail.


This life owes us nothing...that truth makes everyday a good day.  


People waste so much time on all the drama. 


People around me are what really matters, not a  piece of dirt.