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BA Deere
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Dairy/Beef effect of beef supplies

It`s not a new trend, but continues,  some actually like the meat quality from a dairy mix.

Nearly year old article, but still relevant.   Snip:  

Dairy-beef trend

“We will see more dairy integrate into beef sectors,” he said.

Most of the dairy producers are retaining ownership and are raising the crossbreds to slaughter, Good noted.

“Dairy numbers have increased in the past 20 years, while beef numbers have declined,” he said. “Dairy numbers expanded this year and will continue to because they are more efficient than beef.”

He noted there are 2 million head of dairy-beef crossbred cattle in the U.S.

“That will likely increase to 3 million head next year,” he said. “More of the dairy industry is headed that way.”

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bruce MN

Re: Dairy/Beef effect of beef supplies

Sexed semen makes it more practical.  I know a fellow who feeds a bunch of Limousin x Jersey crosses. 

BA Deere
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Re: Dairy/Beef effect of beef supplies

That`s what I`ve been hearing, Bruce.   You figure half or more of dairy cows could be potential surrogate beef mothers.  I think it was Walmart that played fast & loose with calling Holsteins as "Black Angus" as they are mostly black.  And gone are the days where Minnesota dairymen quit and got into beef cattle by putting Angus bulls on their old dairy herd. 

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Re: Dairy/Beef effect of beef supplies

Hereford - Holstein   X,    baldy -  moma ,  cow  being  quite  a  combo , and  with  the  dwindling  cow  numbers ,  all  one color  will  loose  it's  luster .  Discounts  for  X  breds  will  dwindle  to  keep  the  intergraded  pens  full = = =

$8  corn  transfers  to  the  Panhandles ,  less  lucrative for  certain ,  as  the  reality  of $hipping  Cost$  appear  = = =

A  new  wave  Drought  headliner  variety ,  previously  called  milo ,  regains  some  corn  replacement acres  = = =   

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Re: Dairy X beef isn't the problem here, cull dairy is.

And has been for years.  All sexed semen does is make it worse.  There are 80,000 dairy cows within 30 miles of me that only make 1&1/2 lactations on average & then they become beef. As the result, the two regional processors are set up to process cull cow beef.  That has a drastic effect on the price of fed cattle here making beef farming not viable.  Of course, the need for 150 days of stored feed doesn't help, either.

  I would guess based on my observation of the meat case at the supermarket that a significant share of the beef sold as "western beef" isn't.  The question becomes, we know that dairy X beef is less efficient to feed, can the price offset the decline in feed efficiency?

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