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Re: Some liberal judge.. cancel...? More likely, ....


Corn was sold and delievered.

A few were delievered and spot priced.

A claw back was what i was alluding to.


Maybe this headline and article got their attention?


Even this poor excuse for a news writer is sucking on the man made global change teat.

States in the article this is the 3rd time this has happened in tree ring history.

Was it man made the other times too?

 The brainwashing is almost complete...

Thr last couple hundred years may have been the abnormal.


Re: Some liberal judge.. cancel...? More likely, ....

@dwillinois wrote:

You mean like the Bidens , Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, Bernie and lets not forget little Diane Fienstien being driven around by her Chinese handler for 20 years its a good gig if you can get it never work a day in you life but become millionaire.

Why can china do as they please and you don't care 

dw, What are you doing playing on the computer here in the middle of the morning ? Shouldn't you be out doing real physical men's  work at this time of day? While you are here, however, please elucidate on how Sen. Mc Connell would or should not fit into your list of undeserving rascals, speaking of a China connection.

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Re: Some liberal judge.. cancel...? More likely, ....

Oh yeah thanks I forgot the Bushes, turtle boy and his wife, mittens, McStain plenty on both sides see I'm not in a death cult like you why are you responding to my comments mid morning are you baking cookies or something we had lots of rain so not that busy today sry i'll get back to more man stuff go back to getting your man bun in order so you can watch the view and feel fuzzy inside


corn and beans both up Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Some liberal judge.. cancel...? More likely, ....

DW, Oh good, you are a bipartisan finger pointer. Just wanted to make sure you were not skipping over the facts. We have plenty of rain here too over in the wannabe northern Confederacy, and more coming. We are the lucky ones this year so far for row crop.

I'm naturally on the computer this a.m. since I'm a lib and we just live off the hard work of you guys. Really appreciate it though, really do. Thanks  🙂

Can't understand the rally.

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