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Deleted? & Record Yields

Just for the record, I have never deleted any of my postings on this site, or any other site. I was surprised to see the last one disappeared as I said nothing remotely out of line.


Back to the fields, yields continue to be amazing in the corn. The beans have been knocked down by damage from the ongoing moisture, but are still at record levels. So, while disappointing, they are excellent. (Life is perception, once you harvest 70+ bu beans, you want every field to be there, so 62 becomes disappointing. but 62 with 10% damage would have been 68 after all). Human nature I guess. Like they say, until its been weighed, it is just wishful thinking!

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Re: Deleted? & Record Yields

Time  -  Maybe  the  yield  on  this  sight  being  a  '''  10% ''''  disappearance number ? Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Deleted? & Record Yields. It's the 300+ bu

Corn.....some just don't want to see farmers Roll Big Yields.


too many traders running sites like this. MO.

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Re: Deleted? & Record Yields

I can repost it if you want. I saved the juicy part. If it gets “accidentally deleted” again we know who to blame
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Re: Deleted? & Record Yields

It was definitely sensored — probably by a robor program. Worthless programming but far better than the SEC imaginary oversight of CBOT.

Don’t take it personally, whoever did it doesn’t read either one of you obviously.
How could they not sensor one who can’t give market commentary without a personal insult— then sensor one who comments occasionaly without self promotion or insult for the last 9+ years.
Neither one deserved the condescending axe chop. You might have attained a little elevated heart beat but nothing in the felony category.
If you deserved it — the floor talk lame rhetoric deserves it at least 4 days a week.
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