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Re: Ho hum …..

The Zimmies don't buy anything.   They take the grain given to them for relief and sell it to someone outside the country.  Not a great comparison.  China does not starve and kill its own in a public forum.  Zim is not a country-------- it is a tribe decending to primal survival.

 Food is a luxury when you get past the basics.  What type of protein consumed, amount of sugar in the diet, choices of meats, consumptions of fruit and nuts, fresh veggies, etc. are all luxury choices after basic calorie availability.  It's why we see mothers who feed a family of 6 on $250 per month and the next mother in line with two children can't seem to make it on $500 a month.  Luxury choices.

China is well past the basics----------- at least for the half of the population doing the largest part of the buying.





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