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Different Fed Chairman

If is the million dollar word, If Fed Chairman Bernanke does retire alot of people think its no big deal.  It could be a huge deal.   Every time we get a new chairman we have a major shift in Policy, at least for the time line that I have found.   When Paul Volcker took over in 1979 the US had runaway inflation, he took care of that,  when Greenspan took over in 1987, he started the phase of lower the interest rates,  then Steps in Bernanke and really took things to the house, and perhaps he did help keeping everything afloat during the great recession.


If we do indeed get a new Fed Chairman I would say its a good chance we are going to see a change in monetary policy.   



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Re: Different Fed Chairman

Yellen would appear to be a big more dovish, if anything.


Larry Summers it out running hard for the job, the only thing I'd know to expect from him is that the Fed would REALLY be run for the benefit of banks then.

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Re: Different Fed Chairman

Could you run it more for the banks than now? The Fed can stimulate only in a few ways and they all pretty much have to feed into the financial community. Only Congress could allow a more diverse approach and they are absolutely buried in concrete.

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