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Re: Re. My eights are 18 and 18

Isn`t the old axiom "the market doesn`t care what your breakeven is" ?   If you`re a corn/bean farmer in a "I state" there isn`t many substantial alternatives, you can go continuous corn but that involves asking the banker for more input money and corn is "only a little better". 


A lot of this talk doesn`t resonate with a cocky farmer that says 2018 was his "best crop ever!!!" even if they did a poor job marketing $3 corn X 250/bpa  and $8 X 70/bpa beans is a lot of gross dollars to play with.   This area was poor yields, poor prices and if your a "bottom third marketer" like me, then you`re really pinched.  


And it seems to add insult to injury the 250/bpa areas were in the best basis areas, like 20 cent under, where here it was 50 cent under.   Well like they say what doesn`t kill us, leaves us in a lot of pain.   Smiley Happy

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