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Re: Disappointing IN soy yield

The weather for beans appears to have been about as good as it could be.  Including the double crop areas. I have picked up comments from both the eastern belt and western/southwest belt that the corn was shutting down /drying down rapidly, but beans were still hanging in.  Sounds like this bean crop is going to make full use of the entire growing season and ample finishing moisture. The past 2 years have me suspecting that the bean varieties/genetics have caught up to some lagging improvements.  Don't think either year were particularly good finishing years for beans, but yet records were set.  If that hypothesis is correct, this year could surprise everyone even more than your 52bpa.  Time will tell.  Been both wrong and right before.  Will be both again.  Suspect 83.5 + harvested with good harvest weather. Saw dry land beans down here do 70+ this year.  Bunch of 55-60.  Happens east of us more often.  But not in this country before. 



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