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Distillate Fuel

Guessing  there  is  NO  $HORTAGE  NOW ,  due  to  the   grounded  airlines - flight  cancelation postings  - - -

OR  I$  that  news ,  being  a  NO  MATTER , fun -dEm- mental  - ?  - ?  - ?  

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Re: Distillate Fuel

Well, a 737-800 burns 12.5 gallons per minute.  Southwest cancelled ~2500 flights, so 2500 flights x 90 minutes per flight x 12.5 gallons per minutes x 5 days of problems for them is about 14 million gallons of jet fuel. Average daily US diesel consumption is about 160 million gallons per day. (Diesel consumption is 4 times jet fuel consumption in the US.)

So no, you probably won't see much difference at the pump from that.