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Re: Does This Flood Damage Look Real?

@peaceman wrote:



I am sorry this turned in to an evolutionary debate.  It was not intended to be. 


First of all we are now talking about Noah.  Before Noah the earth had no knowledge of rain.  There was no great tsunami.  There was a firmament.  A vault to seperate the oceans from waters above.  The crops were watered by the roots because of the water table being so high.  This firmament forced pressure on the earth.  This created a hyper oxygen and carbon environment.  This is what made people live so long and made plant tissue get so large.  This is why the people made fun of Noah,  they had never seen rain led alone flooding.  When science accepts the high pressure of a firmament environment all there carbon dating and everything else will be thrown out. 


As far as current billion year science and evolution.  I hope they can figure out how to explain there way out of hell using that. 



WOW peaceman that is all I can think of WOW!

Where did all that baffle gab come from.

I can honestly say I have never heard of any stories like that before.

If you are really serious please provide a link to research on this 'theory' so I can read how it is substantiated since I can not think of any theories by science that even remotely approaches that.

Oh yes, why not take it to the forum and leave marketing for marketing stories instead of fiction. 

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Re: Does This Flood Damage Look Real?


This is old Christian theory with science.


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