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Doesn't rain

All spring and summer and then whammy......radar is lit.......on top of 4 from a trop dep........crazy crazy.......guess the cracks will fill in soon.....

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Re: Doesn't rain

'77 was like that here. 25 bu corn and no rain till Sept then Harvested in Jan - March making ruts. Had something like 30 inches of rain the last 4 months of the year so it does not show as a drought year in the rainfall bucket totals.

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Re: Doesn't rain

Yes, it is all in the timing.

Worst drought I have had was in '88.

Only June showed below normal rain but May rainfall all came early in month and we mudded in some corn which turned out to be a mistake when it did not rain anymore until the last couple days of July.

7mm of rain in June but made more than average rainfall in July, all in the last 2 days.

Did not help crop in mid July but looked normal by monthly totals.


Working on corn silage now with lowest rainfall for season I have seen so ground is dry but of course showers are in forecast now and soys will be ready in a week.


Drainage contractor is complaining about how hard it is to plow in tile.

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