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Don't cry for me Argentina

there seems to be a lot of stress the last couple of days about the markets...


it seems to me that no matter what the price of corn we as farmers buy ourselves to poverty... 

overpay rent, buy new paint - tractors, pickups - automobiles... go on expensive vacations... pay too much for that piece of ground next door.. etc.


most times. saving money until you have the cash to back the purchase pays off in the long run... the banker tells me i wont believe how many are hanging on looking for $4.00 corn to meet expenses and interest costs and without a run up are in real trouble and probably wont be around next year... much of this brought on by their own actions.. new paint.. big shops, expensive land purchases..


as my grandfather told me ... if you think debt accumulates quickly wait until you don't have debt and watch your cash increase twice as fast.... so far over the long haul he has been right..