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Don't get overly bearish yet.

I think the market needs to see more of the forecast into August before breaking into new lows. God ore if if you don't sell within the next two weeks though.
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Re: Don't get overly bearish yet.

Wow I can't believe rating increased one percent from last week. Where are the bad spots.
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Re: Don't get overly bearish yet.

Sure 'nuff.


But pretty good coverage or rain for the last 7 days and more, also pretty broad, in the 7 day QPF before the ridge (might) sets in.


I'm feeling good either way. Might not at some future date.


BTW, haven't been around a lot but covered a fair amount of Indiana today. I'd say quite a lot better than '15, not as good as '14, but could be if the right conditions present.


Could be quite unlike either of the past years where excellent yields in either end of the belt cancelled out modestly disappointing ones on the other end. Could be that both will be pretty good for the most part with about the same around the fringes.


That would probably yield tend plus a bit, corn.


Beans, well we'll find out.



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Re: Don't get overly bearish yet.

The crop ratings were super in 2010 and that final bushel total did not warrant those kinds of ratings.   This crop in 2016 will be no different. Of course there are great spots.....but there also are crops that are hurting.   The ratings system is flawed.