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Double-crop beans -- anybody thinking about it now?

I was chatting with a friend of mine who farms in north-central Kansas the other day and we got to chatting about wheat conditions and the harvest timeframe. Sounds like there could even be a few combines running around there (maybe just test cuts) by the tail end of this month. And, we saw more signs that the crop there's looking awfully good today in the Wheat Tour underway there.

So anyway, I asked him if, theoretically, a guy could make double-crop soybeans work there this year, with the accelerated timeframe for wheat development. Double-cropping certainly isn't the norm in that part of the country, but it sounds like more folks will at least have the opportunity to do that this year, whether it's soybeans, sunflowers, milo or corn following wheat. 


My friend said he thought this could create a run on good seed if too many people try to squeeze in that second crop. He did say, though, that he's already got his soybean seed bought and ready to go when wheat harvest is wrapped up.


So, anybody finding yourself in a similar situation, with a double-crop possibility this year where it hasn't existed in the last few years? Anybody giving it a shot? 

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Re: Double-crop beans -- anybody thinking about it now?

My custom guy in NW ks is talking sunflowers on his acres if there is moisture at that time.

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