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Re: Down We Go

I was next to the controller working UAL232 when it crashed. He was working the Sioux City sector, I was working the Sioux Falls sector. I heard the controller (female) at Sioux City Tower yelling over the hot line - They crashed on the airport and the airplane is in a million pieces! The crew of UAL232 came to talk to us several months after the crash.

I know the stories very well of UAL93. I also know additional items through contacts that most didn't have access to. I've read accounts online, I've done my research. I know what we've been told. I would love to believe what we've been told as a nation. But this one - UAL 93 - has too many irregularities for me. Too many things don't make sense. The crater where the aircraft (supposedly) hit was 24 feet in diameter, and 10 feet deep. It was said that the ground "liquified on contact" and swallowed the aircraft whole. I'm sorry, but that I can't believe. The "airplane scar" doesn't look like an aircraft impact silhouette, and, the is evidence to show that the crease in the mine there was preexisting on aerial photos from at least 1994. The picture they show of the smoke after the impact, looks like smoke from a bomb going off to me. The crater looks like one made by a large bomb.

This website, I think, is what really happened. If we shot the aircraft down, and personally, I think we did, it was something that had to be done. Do I think the passengers were involved with helping down the plane? Yes. Are they heroes - Yes. But, from my studies, and what I know, we shot that aircraft out of the sky, We had to - and we still have the heroes....

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