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Drought long term

The drought US is experiencing the thought by most that when this year is over  we get back to normal. What if we continue like the sw and large parts of southern US has experienced drought now for more than one year. This drought could be longer in term  and may have significant  effects on production  even into next year.  This is just a thought  and will  farmers adjust their acreage  based on soil moisture for coming year. I know this is to early to think about  but it has been something tha t has crossed my mind and how it could effect me the future.

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Re: Drought long term

Wheat and soybean acres will be huge for 2013.

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Re: Drought long term

This is the third short rain year for us. I usually average 180 bushels. 2 years ago 150 bpa (10 miles away 120) last year 110 bpa (10 miles away 150) this year ??? Maybe 60 bpa probably a lot less in some areas. Beans have been good through it all 50 bpa + but this year if we don't get good rain in next couple of weeks they will be done also.

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Re: Drought long term

yes, I agree. corn may struggle to hold acres in dry conditions just because it is the high expense crop. traits loose their shine in 60 bu yields.