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Dry soil, wet soil, and poor stands

Did these problems just disappear?    No one seems to be concerned.


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Re: Dry soil, wet soil, and poor stands

Bobbie McFerrin?  I don't understand.

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Re: Dry soil, wet soil, and poor stands

Don't worry, be happy!  


US crop may not be the greatest, but it will be OK. The hybrids are just too good.  Said it before, but we got no rain from May 23 to July 20 here in SE SD, but then when it did rain, things exploded. And I bet everyone's beans just sat there until conditions were right, and then took off. But the bigger problem is Brazil. Looks like their corn crop is going to be as good as their bean crop was earlier this year.  We're on "Enterprise Units" now, has to be bad everywhere to get a check. In the last few days I sold 30% of this year's crop (was waiting for $4, but took a little less) and 20% of next years' crop. i hope these will be the cheapest bushels I sell, but history tells me they likely won't be...

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Re: Dry soil, wet soil, and poor stands

we are in a very small area of very very dry.  the ground has been cracked for some time.  pastures dry, some crops only half

came up, one fellow planted millet first part of june, and still nothing has come up.

but a few miles away, things are green, don't look the best but are green.  some stuff does look fairly good tho, some huge big bushy

plants, but some of the leaf's are cupped at times, and there are brown plants in a few spots.  notice the milo is starting to head

in the low spots where there is moisture. alfalfa is brown. corn variable. saw a pretty good sized field that was chopped already,

tell tale sign of a few rows left so often, shows the insurance man was there.

temps are 100 degree temps yet....but aug can be a hot and dry month.


I've said for a long time, this area was never ment to raise corn tho.....from the climate never did think it would do well. it is hit

or miss around here, in my opinion.  average is about 120 dryland i'm told, t1 is 65 bu......


if no rain this week, i'm calling insurance agent and turning everything our small area, it's bad, but as I said a little

ways away, it's at least green still.



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